Online Event: Making Human Rights Due Diligence Work – Experience from European Companies


Joint digital event by econsense and CSR Europe

Learn about practical experience from European companies and policy insights in the field of human rights due diligence in our virtual workshop on November 27 from 9h – 11h.

The regulatory landscape on human rights due diligence is constantly evolving. This includes national regulation as well as developments on the European level. Recently, EU Commissioner Didier Reynders has announced that he would like to initiate a European legislative process on mandatory human rights due diligence in 2021. An EU consultation on this topic has been launched. In the meantime, practitioners in many European companies are already working on putting human rights due diligence concepts into practice. This practical knowledge on processes, measures, and obstacles is critical to support an informed debate on European legislation in this field.

Please find the preliminary agenda and the registration for the event below.


09:00h – 09:05: Welcome

  • Nadine-Lan Hönighaus, Executive Director, econsense
  • Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe


09:05 – 09:20h: Overview of legislative developments in Europe

  • EU developments: Elisa Cassaza, Senior Project Manager, CSR Europe
  • National and UN developments: Laura Franken, Project Manager, econsense


09:20h – 09:25h: Introductory remarks into the discussion rounds

  • Nathalie Komatitsch, Director of Human Rights, TOTAL


09:25h – 09:45h: Discussion Round #1

What should be the scope of a potential European legislation on mandatory human rights due diligence?

  • Dr. Carsten Stender, Director-General for European and International Employment and Social Policy, ESF at the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Ferdinand Geckeler, Senior Expert Sustainable Supply Chain Management, BMW Group


09:45h – 10:05h: Discussion Round #2

Which main obstacles in human rights due diligence need to be addressed in a legislative process?

  • Yves Nissim, Vice President, Head of Transformation and Operation in CSR, Orange
  • Heidi Hautala, Member of the European Parliament


10:05h – 10:25h: Discussion Round #3

What supportive elements are needed beyond the legislation to help all relevant companies on their way to an effective human rights due diligence?

  • Annika Ramskold, Vice President of Sustainability, Vattenfall
  • Alexandra van Selm, Program Director, International Responsible Business Conduct at Social and Economic Council (SER)


10:25h – 10:30h: Company Outlook

What is needed to foster a level playing field among European companies (potentially beyond the EU)?

  • Galina Parmenter, Senior Manager- Policy & Transparency (Global Sustainability), C&A


10:30h – 10:55: Q&A Session

  • Moderation: Nadine-Lan Hönighaus, Executive Director, econsense


10:55h – 11:00h: Brief summary

  • Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe

Registration for the online event