Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.

econsense is the sustainability network of German business. Our goal is to actively shape the transformation to a more sustainable economy and society with our members. Our members:

„Sustainability is more than just an opportunity for us. It’s our business. On the road to climate neutrality, society needs companies like E.ON for sustainable as well as secure and affordable energy. Because the green transition is much more than generating clean energy. Above all, it’s about distributing it. E.ON – one of Europe’s largest distribution network operators – delivers sustainable energy to where it’s needed.“

Leonhard Birnbaum, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of E.ON SE

„Germany is facing unprecedented environmental and social challenges. They cannot be mastered without digitisation. Our O2 mobile network contributes significantly to achieve climate goals, to enable social participation and to increase overall prosperity. As O2Telefónica, we are aware of our special responsibility, and democratize access to a sustainable digital future to create a better everyday life for all.“

Markus Haas, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of O2 Telefónica

„At Deutsche Telekom, we all follow the goal: getting everyone connected. This particularly applies with regard to our social and ecological responsibility. Digitalization offers many opportunities – it creates potential for protecting the climate and conserving resources, simplifies our working world, and enriches our personal everyday lives. However, we are not advancing into a more sustainable digital future alone but with our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders alike.”

Timotheus Höttges, CEO Deutsche Telekom AG

“Without sustainability, no sustainable returns: Not only customers and employees demand entrepreneurial responsibility for people and the environment, but also investors. Above all, we at Mercedes-Benz want to operate with integrity. Cooperation with other stakeholders is a crucial point: When we join forces, we can achieve effective progress – for climate protection, human rights and good governance.”

Renata Jungo Brüngger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Integrity & Legal Affairs

„Entrepreneurial spirit and concrete action are essential for advancing sustainability worldwide. It is important to think about the issue in a multidimensional way. Sustainability is about environmental and climate protection, but also about human rights, intergenerational justice, education and innovation, and above all about cooperation between business, politics and society. Of course, depending on the sector, the path to this goal is easier for some and more challenging for others. But we can only achieve the transformation to a sustainable economy together, which is why we are involved with Deloitte at econsense in a strong network of like-minded people.“

Volker Krug, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deloitte Germany

“We have to act now so that future generations can live on a healthy planet. That is why we have made Deutsche Bahn’s Green Transformation part of Strong Rail, our Group strategy. With this holistic approach, we are successively making not just our products and services green but also the ways in which we work. We are thus taking responsibility for the environment and society and strengthening rail in Germany – for the climate, for people, for the economy and for Europe.“

Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO, Deutschen Bahn AG

„Just as the digital revolution transformed how we live and work, so too will sustainability, impact us in everything we do and create new work environments and business models. Thus, supply chains as well as entire companies have to become sustainable – and this can only be achieved in ecosystems. Collaboration and continuous exchange with networks like econsense are essential to learn and support each other driving change towards a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Christina Raab, Market Unit Lead Accenture Germany, Switzerland, Austria


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