O2 Telefónica

O2 Telefónica offers telecommunications services for consumers and business customers as well as innovative digital products and services in the area of the Internet of Things and data analytics. We are one of the leading integrated telecommunications providers in Germany. In mobile communications alone, we support around 46 million mobile lines (as of March 31, 2022). No other network operator connects more people in this country. Under the core brand O2 and various secondary and partner brands, we sell postpaid and prepaid mobile communications products with innovative mobile data services.. The basis for this is the mobile communications network based on a highly resilient GSM and LTE infrastructure. At the same time, we are building a powerful and energy-efficient 5G network. We also provide telephony and high-speed Internet products in the fixed network based on various technologies.

With our network, we are the trampoline for digitization. Mobile communications are fundamental to the digital age. The smart networking of cities, intelligent energy systems, and networked factories need high-performance networks. And the energy transition and the limitation of global warming will only succeed with the help of digital technologies and networking. As a telecommunications provider, we have clearly formulated our purpose: We are democratizing access to a sustainable, digital future to create a better everyday life for everyone.

We have been actively driving forward our commitment to sustainability since 2005. We manage this with our Responsible Business Plan, which we first launched in 2016. Our current plan includes 76 measures that we want to implement by 2025 and that are more deeply anchored in the company than ever before. Among other things, we want to be net CO2 neutral as a company by 2025 at the latest. More on sustainability at O2 Telefónica at: Responsibility | Telefónica Deutschland (telefonica.de)