K+S AG, headquartered in Kassel, is a German mining company focusing on potash and salt production with production sites in Europe as well as North and South America. K+S is a customer-focused independent supplier of mineral products for the agricultural, industrial, consumer, and community segments. More than 11,000 employees help farmers secure nutrition for the world, offer solutions that keep industries running, enrich the lives of consumers, and ensure safety in winter. By using their underground caverns, K+S also contribute to an orderly waste management system.

K+S strives for sustainability and acknowledges its responsibility towards people, the environment, communities and the economy in the regions in which it operates. The claim is to enrich life for generations and to be a pioneer for environmentally friendly and sustainable mining. This is the basis of the corporate strategy. The K+S sustainability program including the climate strategy are an integral part of this.

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