HSBC Deutschland

HSBC Germany is part of the HSBC Group and one of the world´s leading commercial banks with a global network in 63 countries and territories. The customers of HSBC Germany include corporates, institutional, public sector and private clients. The bank trades as HSBC Trinkhaus Burkhardt GmbH. For HSBC, sustainability means building up business activities over the long term and considering not only economic but also social, ecological and governance aspects in its decisions. In this way, both sustainable and economic growth can be promoted.

From HSBC’s point of view, sustainable finance represents a vital part for achieving the Paris Agreement. The increasing importance of sustainable banking services and the associated requirements for employees have long been a crucial topic for HSBC. In 2008, the Corporate Sustainability (CS) function was arranged in Germany. It bundles HSBC’s sustainability activities and reports directly to the chairman of the management board , Nicolo Salsono.

For HSBC, climate change represents the most significant challenge to society. To enable the transition to a low-carbon economy, HSBC set sustainability as a pillar of its ambitions and of our strategy as a business since mid-2017. Since then, almost every entity of HSBC has a sustainability team which advises the respective business units. Their work includes compliance with sustainability criteria in the lending process, the provision of sustainability, the implementation of ESG criteria in the investment strategy as well as transparent communication within the framework of non-financial reporting on current sustainability topics. HSBC was also involved in the development of the Green Bond and Green Loan Principles as well as in the consultation process for the EU Commission’s Action Plan.