Corporate Digital Responsibility

Digitalization offers enormous opportunities for companies - if it is itself designed sustainably.

Digitalization as a Driver for Sustainability

Digitalization is changing everything: how we work and communicate, how we learn, travel, keep informed, and do business. Recent years have seen a rapid acceleration of digitalization processes.

Digital technologies have the potential to be a key enabler for the shift towards a sustainable economy and society. But for this to happen, digitalization itself must become sustainable.

To move towards to this goal, econsense and its members are addressing the issue of corporate digital responsibility (CDR). CDR describes corporate responsibility with regard to the impact of the digital transformation on the environment, society, and the economy. This responsibility must be embedded in processes, products, and services and promoted along the value chain. Aspects such as equity, participation, trust, autonomy, transparency, and sustainability must also be considered. This is how the understanding of CDR that we developed in our focus group can be summarized.

According to this definition, CDR encompasses almost all aspects of companies‘ economic and social activities. To make it easier for companies to access the topic, we have developed the econsense-Blueprint. CDR also plays a key role for all econsense clusters.


econsense Blueprint for Implementing Digital Responsibility in Companies

econsense Blueprint for Implementing Digital Responsibility in Compani...