Katarin Wagner is the new co-executive director of econsense

Katarin Wagner has become co-executive director of econsense, the sustainability network of German business, since May 1, 2023. Together with Dr. Thomas Koenen, co-executive director and member of the executive board, she leads the econsense office and the network´s day-to-day operations. In her role, she is the main contact person for the 49 econsense members as well as for all other stakeholders.

„I am very much looking forward to my new role as co-executive director of econsense and working with the team, my co-managing director, the econsense board and the members. Together, we will continue the valuable exchange on sustainability and its practical implementation. This has been practiced at econsense for many years, closely following relevant developments, and actively advancing sustainability in German business and (civil) society. I am confident that we will achieve a lot through close cooperation, a strong network and the exchange of knowledge and experience,“ says Katarin Wagner.

Katarin Wagner has extensive experience in the field of sustainability. Before becoming co-executive director of econsense, she was responsible for the sustainability activities of econsense member HSBC Germany. Prior to that, she held various positions in business and civil society in the field of sustainability. She holds a degree in business administration and an MBA. Hence, she brings a broad set of expertise to her new position at econsense.