econsense infographic offers comprehensive guidance in the dynamic field of Sustainable Finance

The field of Sustainable Finance is evolving rapidly, both at the EU and international level. The number of reports, studies, and especially regulatory requirements are proliferating, and the number of players active at the EU level working on Sustainable Finance related issues is growing larger. At the same time, an increasing number of businesses and other stakeholders are affected by the actions taken and have to stay informed. Keeping track of current developments in the field of Sustainable Finance can be challenging but is inevitable. To provide a comprehensive and easily accessible overview, econsense, with the support of the econsense member HSBC Germany, has developed and published an infographic on the latest EU Sustainable Finance Strategy, the so-called strategy for financing the transition to a sustainable economy. The graphic illustrates clear and concise information on EU regulations, directives, studies, guidelines, and general strategic objectives on finance and reporting topics. All items are accompanied by an informative text that provides links to original documents and further resources. After reading this concise summary, readers can therefore continue their own research on the topic if required. That makes it easier to navigate the Sustainable Finance landscape!

The new econsense infographic builds on the four key policy areas of the EU strategy for financing the transition to a sustainable economy and the six sets of actions included in this new strategy. These six sets of actions are the foundation of the infographic and can be found in the dark blue circle in the center. All Directives & Regulations, Other Actions, and General Objectives accompanying these actions can be found in the respective bubbles. The econsense infographic will be updated regularly, ensuring that all relevant new developments and publications related to the strategy are incorporated.

econsense is a network of large, internationally operating companies, the majority of which are listed. Our network covers the entire spectrum of corporate actors in the field of Sustainable Finance. This includes financial and non-financial companies from a large variety of sectors, auditors, and consultancies. Some of our members are active in official Sustainable Finance expert groups on the national and European level. econsense has been accompanying the evolution of Sustainable Finance for a while and offers an infographic on the ten key elements of the 2018 Action Plan, covering important building blocks of the current Sustainable Finance framework such as the EU Taxonomy, Disclosure Regulations, and Labels and Standards (Tools) like the European Green Bond Standard.