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Reporting & Rating

Numerous stakeholder groups are interested in how sustainability is concretely implemented and assessed in companies (e.g. financial investors, customers, suppliers, employees, politics, science, unions, churches, non-governmental organizations). To this end, companies present their sustainability achievements in processes and key figures, for example, in the sustainability report or in numerous surveys. Also outside companies, stakeholders create comparability reports of companies through sustainability ratings, rankings and prizes. At econsense, member companies exchange information on the measurability of sustainability and drive towards continuous development of the topic in conversation with stakeholders.

News of our Members

03/23/2012 | Allianz raises its target for reducing emissions and will be carbon-neutral from 2012

  • Allianz Sustainability Report published concurrently with Annual Report for the first time
  • Report’s environmental data verified by independent auditor
  • Overview of 2011 milestones in sustainability

03/20/2012 | Deutsche Bank maintains a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Josef Ackermann: “We can only remain successful over the long term if people see us as being responsible and place their trust in us”

Deutsche Bank demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility once again in 2011. This is the message contained in the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which the bank published today, this year for the first time together with its Annual Report. According to the report, last year Deutsche Bank allocated €83.1 million to projects for society around the world.



Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.

econsense is an association of leading, globally active companies and organisations of German business specializing in the area of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Founded in 2000 on the initiative of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the goal of econsense is to provide a dialogue platform and think tank, with the dual objectives of advancing sustainable development in business and assuming social responsibility.