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Environment and Climate

Climate protection is a mainstay of the sustainability commitment. For this reason, econsense and its members understand the holistic implementation of the topic of climate protection as a core task in their companies. Management strategies play a special role here in the current and future challenges that coincide with climate change. econsense supports its members with the exchange on practical approaches and solutions as well as specific implementation measures in company operations. Another building block is the exchange with topic-specific stakeholders and experts.

News of our Members

01/12/2017 | Deutsche Post DHL Group's climate protection project the first to be certified under the new Fairtrade Climate Standard

Deutsche Post DHL Group's climate protection project in Lesotho is the first initiative to meet the Fairtrade Climate Standard, an innovative scheme developed by Fairtrade, the most widely recognized ethical certification system, and Gold Standard, the leading certification standard for climate and development.

08/27/2016 | thyssenkrupp initiates project to convert steel mill gases into chemicals

In Duisburg today Johanna Wanka, German Minister of Education and Research, announced funding of more than 60 million euros for the Carbon2Chem project initiated by thyssenkrupp. The aim of Carbon2Chem is to convert process gases from steel production – including the CO2 they contain – into base chemicals. The greenhouse gas CO2 would then no longer be discharged into the atmosphere. The energy required for the conversion process is to come from renewable sources.

06/06/2016 | Calculate transport emissions with the DHL Carbon Calculator

DHL has today launched the DHL Carbon Calculator. With the introduction of theCarbon Calculator, DHL now allows its customers to calculate, free of charge, transport-related emissions for almost all shipment sizes and modes of transport. The calculation is carried out online based on intelligent algorithms.

02/02/2016 | E.ON’s renewables investments surpass €10 billion mark

A recent upgrade to Amrumbank West wind farm in the North Sea from 288 to 302 megawatts pushed E.ON’s net investments in renewables above €10 billion, more than any other German energy company.

10/17/2014 | Alstom and DCNS get together to found a sector of excellence in the floating wind energy business

Alstom Renewable Power Chairman Jérôme Pécresse and DCNS Marine Energy and Infrastructures Division Director Thierry Kalanquin were on hand today as both groups signed a partnership agreement in the floating wind energy business. The agreement aims at developing and then commercialising an integrated system for a semi-submersible floating wind turbine delivering 6 MW. 

09/23/2014 |

Alstom’s ECO 122 in its 2.7MW version, has successfully obtained the full type certificate from DEWI-OCC , just 7 months after prototype commissioning at ECN  site, installed in Wieringermeer, Netherlands. Following the power curve certification obtained in March this year, this key milestone proves the machine’s overall efficiency, with over 450 ECO 122 2.7 MW wind turbines ordered for a total of more than 1.8 GW.

09/15/2014 | Lufthansa conducts first European scheduled flight using sugar-based biofuel

The Lufthansa Group has marked another milestone in its pioneering work in the testing of alternative fuels. Today, Lufthansa flight LH 190 from Frankfurt to Berlin Tegel is being operated using a ten percent blend of the new biofuel component farnesan. This is the first scheduled flight in Europe to run on this fuel mix. Farnesan is a sugar-based bio-kerosene developed jointly by the TOTAL oil group and the U.S.-based biotech company Amyris, which in April of this year received RSB (Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials) Certification.

08/28/2014 | Deutsche Post DHL reaches green electricity benchmark

Deutsche Post DHL reached another milestone of its environmental protection program GoGreen: More than 60 percent of its global electricity demand is now generated from renewable sources. Over the past two years, the company increased its green electricity share by half - from 42 percent in 2012 to over 60 percent by 2014. Already today Deutsche Post DHL utilizes green electricity of over 90 percent, for example in Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland and France.

08/26/2014 | New Successes for Bayer's CO2 Research

Plastics and their components are normally based entirely on oil. The new process also extends the range of plastics that CO2 can be used to produce. This is the result of the Dream Polymers research project in which Bayer MaterialScience is continuing its activities to find new uses for CO2

08/05/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: Twenty years of commitment to climate research

The Lufthansa Group has been involved in climate research for 20 years. During this time, a number of Lufthansa passenger aircraft have been operating as “flying labora­tories” with the aim of analyzing the composition of the middle atmosphere, without generating additional emissions in the process. The aviation group is a pioneer in this field and has made significant contributions towards improving weather forecasting and climate models.

06/12/2014 | Bosch reduces the fuel consumption of coaches

Since the German railway's monopoly was lifted at the beginning of 2013, many routes within Germany can now be travelled affordably with coaches. Thanks to a new Bosch technology, some coach models have reduced their carbon footprint. Eco.Logic Motion reduces the fuel consumption of coaches, and thus helps protect the climate by preventing harmful emissions. 

06/04/2014 | Deutsche Post DHL introduces first Teardrop Trailer in Germany and France

Deutsche Post DHL, the world's leading postal and logistics group, further expands its fleet of about 11,500 vehicles with alternative drive systems and aerodynamic modifications. The Group adds one so-called Teardrop trailer for use throughout Germany and France as part of its logistics solutions for its customer Airbus. The aerodynamic form of this teardrop-shaped trailer designed by Don-Bur features a curved roof which reduces air resistance and cutting fuel consumption by up to 6%-10% compared to regular heavy-load trucks.

06/03/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: Testing of the new descent procedure "Continuous Descent Operations" is very promising

Lufthansa is currently testing a new continuous descent operation at Munich Airport, which it has developed together with German Air Traffic Control in Munich. It will thereby help all airline companies to save fuel and protect the environment.

06/02/2014 | Bayer MaterialScience successful with global efficiency system: Significantly lower energy consumption in chemical production

Bayer MaterialScience, a leading materials manufacturer, will in the future need far less energy for the majority of its global production. This is being made possible by a home-grown energy management system. Its introduction has now been completed. It enables the individual consumption of the production plants to be optimally controlled and reduced by an average of a tenth, and also brings about considerable reductions in CO2 emissions. The system, which is called STRUCTese®, can also be used by other companies under license.

05/27/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: New repair procedures bring ecological and economic benefits

In the airline industry, reducing the weight of an aircraft is an important way to cut fuel consumption. Each kilogram of weight saved lowers CO2 emissions and saves money. At Lufthansa German Airlines, for example, savings amount to 26,000 euros per year. This was the starting point for Lufthansa Technik’s research project “AIRtech – Advanced and Innovative Repair Technologies”.

04/14/2014 | Online tool from Bosch helps optimize the energy balance in buildings

To coincide with the energy efficiency campaign "Die Hauswende" by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Building, and various associations, Bosch Thermotechnik is providing its extensively revised home configurator at

03/18/2014 | Measurement laboratory on a Lufthansa A340-600 contributes to an important discovery that will help to protect the ozone layer

Researchers at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, have made a new discovery that will play a significant role in halting ozone depletion. Their findings were published recently in the renowned scientific journal Nature Geoscience.

03/05/2014 | DHL delivers greater carbon emissions transparency

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight further expands its portfolio of carbon reporting services for transports. The company adopted the Greenhouse Gas Protocol "Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard" for Carbon Reports, launched a new web platform called "DHL Carbon Dashboard 2.0" and unveiled "Quick Scan", which measures enterprises carbon efficiency and compares it with industry benchmarks.

02/06/2014 | Deutsche Telekom sets Group-wide climate protection target

The Deutsche Telekom Board of Management has decided on an ambitious climate protection target. CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 20 percent across the Group by the year 2020. This means that the Group will reduce these emissions by around 430,000 tons of CO2 per year. This amount is equivalent to the emissions of about 1.1 billion passenger kilometers in air traffic, or about 28,000 flights around the world.

01/27/2014 | Deutsche Post DHL introduces more comprehensive carbon accounting and reporting standards for GoGreen products and services

  • GoGreen products and transports entirely climate neutral as of 2014
  • Emissions accounting for offsetting and Carbon Reports now including all relevant greenhouse gases and upstream emissions
  • Carbon Accounting on company and product level in compliance with the international Greenhouse Gas Protocols' standards



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