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03/10/2014 | Alstom publishes animated series on corporate social responsibility

What is an eco-city? How do you put the environment first in the design process? How can CO2 be captured to help fight climate change?

In its animated series Alstom answers these questions, while giving you a glimpse into how the company is shaping the future in a responsible way.

02/12/2014 | Golden jubilee: About 420 employees celebrate 50th anniversary at Deutsche Post DHL

More than 20,000 years of service at Deutsche Post DHL: This year, about 420 employees contributed to this impressive figure and have been honored by the company today. The world's leading mail and logistics service group is one of the few German companies which have such a large number of employees with a golden jubilee. Over 270 of them have been personally recognized by Deutsche Post DHL's CEO Frank Appel and Angela Titzrath, Board Member for Personnel.

02/03/2014 | Deutsche Post DHL donates USD 250,000 to build houses for people in need in Latin America

Deutsche Post DHL, the world's leading postal and logistics group, handed over a special donation of USD 250,000 to the non-profit organization TECHO for building 100 new houses for families living in poverty stricken areas of Latin America and the Caribbean. With this donation Deutsche Post DHL becomes one of the organization’s main allies in reaching its 2014 goal of completing the building of 100,000 houses in the 19 countries where TECHO is active with this project.

01/23/2014 | DHL Resilience360 – a new risk management solution to give customers the competitive edge in logistics

DHL - the world’s leading logistics company – today announced the launch of DHL Resilience360. It is a unique new risk management solution which will enable businesses to turn supply chain disruption and global environmental and socio-political volatility into competitive advantage by providing them with a holistic, end-to-end view of their supply chains and real-time risk visibility.

01/23/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: The workplace of tomorrow

Technological change and social trends such as digitisation, globalisation, diverse life models and demographic developments are changing how, when and where we work. Work-life integration, working from home and flexible working models are issues that human resources managers now have to contend with. Companies are responding to these challenges by introducing innovative work arrangements and new work models. Infrastructure requirements, in the office for one, are changing, simultaneously.

12/11/2013 | Deutsche Lufthansa: Brussels Airlines staff support children in Africa

Five days on the road, covering a distance of 240 kilometres, 75 of which involve rough terrain: From 31 January to 4 February 2014, 29 Brussels Airlines staff and roughly the same number of representatives of other Belgian companies will switch to another mode of transport as part of the Bike for Africa campaign. Rather than travelling by plane, they will get on their bikes.

11/13/2013 | Lufthansa Group offers career transition assistance programme

The Lufthansa Group assumes responsibility for its employees, also in times of major change. COMPASS, the programme launched in January 2013 to help staff and managers make successful career transitions, reflects the Group’s long-term human resource strategy. To this end, Lufthansa works closely with renowned, globally active recruitment consultancies. More than 500 of the Group’s employees are currently taking advantage of this counselling service.

09/17/2013 | HeidelbergCement to continue research competition - Second round of the Quarry Life Award gets underway

Following the success of the Quarry Life Award 2012, HeidelbergCement Group is soon to launch the second round of its international research and education competition. Through the Quarry Life Award, the company seeks to promote new research projects in order to raise awareness about the biological value of mineral extraction sites worldwide. Already in the first round, the competition gave rise not only to extraordinary scientific results, but also to innovative projects and educational concepts.

06/11/2013 | Deutsche Post DHL to take part in first German Diversity Day

  • Board Member for Personnel Angela Titzrath: "The diversity of our workforce benefits the company and fuels our innovativeness" 
  • People from more than 150 nations work hand in hand every day in Germany
  • Diversity management is strategically important for unlocking the Group's potential



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