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Deutsche Börse AG

The Deutsche Börse Group opens the way to the global capital markets for investors, financial institutions and companies. The product and service portfolio comprises the entire process chain from stock and futures trading, to clearing, settlement and custody, to providing market data and the development and operation of electronic trading systems. In this way, Deutsche Börse with its core business contributes to the efficiency and systemic stability of capital markets and creates added value for its customers and society. It is here that the company sees it greatest corporate responsibility as a stock exchange organisation, while keeping the focus on promoting transparency in sustainability information.

News of our Members

05/23/2017 | Sustainable Finance Initiative launched to good reception

Deutsche Börse AG launches its “Accelerating Sustainable Finance” initiative on Tuesday, together with other key players from Frankfurt’s financial centre. The launch conference will feature discussions on all issues around the financial system's future viability and new ideas for sustainable business models. In signing the “Frankfurt Declaration”, participants are making a joint declaration of intent to build sustainable financial sector infrastructures.

08/16/2016 | Why financial and societal return do not need to be mutually exclusive - Interview with the CEO of Deutsche Börse, Carsten Kengeter

The non-profit sector has an estimated volume of €90 billion. The consulting firm Phineo aims to create transparency in this area and Deutsche Börse is lending the firm its support. FOCUS Online asked Deutsche Börse CEO Carsten Kengeter and Phineo CEO Andreas Rickert how that could work.


07/21/2016 | Sustainable entrepreneurship – Deutsche Börse Group establishes new committee

On Monday, 11 July 2016, Deutsche Börse's Group Sustainability Board was constituted within a first meeting at Alte Börse.

10/01/2014 | Deutsche Börse joins UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative

Deutsche Börse has joined the United Nations' Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative (SSE). The aim of the initiative, founded by the UN Secretary-General in 2009, is to increase exchange-listed companies' transparency and commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance issues and to make the capital market more aware of these issues.

03/15/2013 | Deutsche Börse: Combination of annual report and corporate responsibility report as a first step to integrated reporting

Deutsche Börse Group’s corporate report 2012 is now available online. The report informs about the course of the financial year 2012 and summarizes in which way the Company handles the topics corporate responsibility and sustainability. Key aspects of the corporate responsibility report, previously published separately, can now be found in the corporate report 2012. Deutsche Börse Group is thus introducing a new integrated reporting concept for the financial year 2012.


Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.

econsense is an association of leading, globally active companies and organisations of German business specializing in the area of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Founded in 2000 on the initiative of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the goal of econsense is to provide a dialogue platform and think tank, with the dual objectives of advancing sustainable development in business and assuming social responsibility.