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econsense - Forum Sustainable Development of German Business e. V.


Oberwallstraße 24
10117 Berlin 

Telefon + 49 (0)30 - 2028-1474
Telefax + 49 (0)30 - 2028-2474
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Authorised representatives

Dr. Wolfgang Große Entrup, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Thomas Koenen, Member of the Board and Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Christof Ehrhart,  Member of the Board 

Dr. Utz Tillmann, Member of the Board



Register Number VR 23399Nz
Registered in 27. April 2004
with Vereinsregister Berlin Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Amtsgerichtsplatz 1
14057 Berlin


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Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.

econsense is an association of leading, globally active companies and organisations of German business specializing in the area of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Founded in 2000 on the initiative of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the goal of econsense is to provide a dialogue platform and think tank, with the dual objectives of advancing sustainable development in business and assuming social responsibility.