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06/05/2014 | Thousands of Deutsche Post DHL employees engage for international World Environment Day

On the occasion of the United Nations' World Environment Day, Deutsche Post DHL called its 480.000 employees for action, to participate in activities for the environment and the climate. However, this form of engagement is not a one-time activity: the Group's GoGreen-program was launched in 2009 and encompasses the overall carbon efficiency improvement as well as a carbon neutral transport service. On 5th June, employees around the globe implement specific environmental and charity activities, which often include customers and partners alike. In the headquarter in Bonn, activities will take place all day long: test drives with electric bikes and electric vehicles, the presentation of the company's own electrified car StreetScooter, registration of bikes and information events around environmental topics. The GoGreen-program or the activity "Bike to work" are only two examples to underline, that the environment and the climate are high on the agenda all year long at Deutsche Post DHL.

"Every year, World Environment Day is a good opportunity to sharpen our awareness of the environment and the climate. It is particularly pleasant, that many of those activities in the margin of World Environment Day are conducted jointly by our employees and customers. Very often, these activities turn into long-term projects, carrying the sustainable idea throughout the whole year", says Christof Ehrhart, EVP Corporate Communication and Responsibility Deutsche Post DHL. "Our GoGreen-program is a very good example how we continuously strive to relief the environment. Since its beginnings, we continuously improved our carbon efficiency and went more than half the way towards our company goal to improve our carbon efficiency by 30 percent by 2020 on the basis of 2007. Environmental protection is an integral part of our company strategy and is reflected in several guidelines for example for paper or procurement as well as investments."

The Group has participated for five years in the World Environment Day
Every year the WED has a specific motto. This year it is "Raise your voice, not the sea level" and focuses on climate change and the fate of Small Island Developing States. As a global logistics provider, Deutsche Post DHL provides its service also on small islands and offers innovative solutions for example in the Caribbean, the Pacific and Indian Ocean or the South Chinese sea. Delivery on Aruba island in the Caribbean is carried out by a Renault Twizy, an electrified vehicle. These vehicles are part of the worldwide fleet of alternative vehicles, currently encompassing 11,500 vehicles. In Germany, thousands of bikes are used for mail delivery all over the country.

For five years by now, Deutsche Post DHL participates in World Environment Day: All employee activities are registered on a special microsite. Every year, thousands of employees participate in the events and often extend their engagement to the whole year. The activities encompass various projects, for example tree planting, car sharing or simple measures in the office: less use of paper, switching of lights and electronic devices, not paper prints or ceramic mugs instead of plastics. Deutsche Post DHL developed a so-called "office check", which is available to all employees. The activity "Bike to work" attracts lots of employees: Since 2009, employees cycled over 4.4 million kilometers and so managed to save 738 tons CO2.

With its GoGreen-program, Deutsche Post DHL provides environmental service solutions for its customers. They can choose a "green" service option - in 2013 these mounted to 2.4 billion shipments - or receive a CO2-reporting, which displays all relevant emissions along the supply chain. The GoGreen-program is very successful: In 2013 the Group improved its own carbon efficiency by two additional index points towards its goal of a 30 percent efficiency improvement by 2020 on the basis of the year 2007. 


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