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09/27/2013 | Innovative Bosch products and solutions help save energy

Protecting the environment is an important pillar of Bosch business activities. In nearly all its divisions, the company is working on technologies and services that will make greater energy efficiency possible. Even today, Bosch generates more than 40 percent of its sales with technology and products that protect the environment and conserve resources.

Of global energy demand, 28 percent is due to transportation, 32 percent to industry, and 40 percent to buildings. In all these areas, Bosch is working to save energy. In its own manufacturing operations, Bosch works efficiently and conserves resources, and offers products and solutions that are economical and optimize energy consumption. Bosch solutions intelligently link and control the generation and consumption of electricity and heat. Since the company was founded, energy conversion has been a core Bosch competence. The product portfolio for improving energy efficiency ranges from systems for economical internal-combustion engines and electromobility to the recycling of automotive components, to energy-saving heating systems and household appliances, and to highly efficient hydraulic powertrains. 

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