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06/12/2014 | Bosch reduces the fuel consumption of coaches

Since the German railway's monopoly was lifted at the beginning of 2013, many routes within Germany can now be travelled affordably with coaches. Thanks to a new Bosch technology, some coach models have reduced their carbon footprint. Eco.Logic Motion reduces the fuel consumption of coaches, and thus helps protect the climate by preventing harmful emissions. 

To achieve this, Bosch development engineers developed improved engine and transmission control technology that not only predicts inclines and bends in the road, it also takes vehicle-specific algorithms into account. This is how it works: with the help of a 3D maps and precise coordinates on the coach's position, Eco.Logic Motion calculates a preview of the vehicle's surroundings. The technology compares this "electronic horizon" with current vehicle parameters, and thus simulates a strategy for fuel-efficient driving. In contrast to conventional cruise control, the intelligent driving assistant enables the bus to accelerate proactively and avoid unnecessary gear shifts.
Bosch's Eco.Logic Motion first went into series production in 2012 with Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Since May 2014, the technology has also been built into Daimler's Setra TopClass 500 travel coach. Daimler tested the technology's fuel-saving potential on Germany's A6 highway, a demanding road in terms of topography. The results of these tests showed average fuel savings of nine percent, and CO2 emissions decreased accordingly. Other Setra coach models and the Mercedes Travego will soon also be equipped with Eco.Logic Motion technology, and thus contribute to conserving resources and protecting the environment. 

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